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Serve all online shopping needs to drive revenue growth

Improve the reliability and stability of e-commerce websites/applications, ensuring a fast and smooth online shopping experience for users


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VNCDN is a trusted partner of leading e-commerce enterprises in Vietnam.

E-commerce: The future of retail

The e-commerce market is booming, driven by the changing consumer behavior of shopping online. This presents an opportunity for e-commerce businesses to expand their reach, build customer loyalty, and generate maximum revenue.

The challenges faced by the e-commerce industry

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Slow loading speeds and inconsistent performance

Customers who have to wait a long time for a system response or experience temporary interruptions in their browsing may become impatient and choose another online shopping platform.

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Data breaches of user shopping data

A loss of customer shopping data can lead to financial losses, legal liability, and damage to a business's reputation.

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Information security and data protection for businesses

Data breaches and cyber attacks can be a serious threat to businesses. If a business's data is compromised, attackers can steal sensitive information, such as financial records, customer information, etc. This can lead to legal liability, financial losses, and damage to a business's reputation.

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Incompatibility with multiple devices

Websites and applications that are not designed for multiple devices can provide a poor user experience, which can lead to lost sales and a negative impact on brand reputation.

Let VNCDN solve the challenges of the e-commerce industry

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Fast-Loading Websites with Website Acceleration Solutions

  • CDN Transparent Caching: Improves website loading speed by up to 99.99%, providing a smooth user experience

  • Mid Tier Cache: Optimizes bandwidth and website performance, helping businesses save costs.

  • HTTP/3: Increases transmission speed, supports fast connections, and maximum security.

  • Improves page loading performance and saves bandwidth costs with the ability to convert images to WebP format.

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Instant Multi-Format Video Transcoding with the VOD solution

  • Reduces video stream processing time by eliminating the need to request video segments individually

  • Limits the risk of transcoding errors by encoding videos only once

  • Monitors viewer experience with a comprehensive dataset of data (errors, rebuffering, startup time, video quality)

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Protect Web/App/APIs from all attack risks with VNIS Solutions (*)

  • Supports large loads up to 2,600 Tbps with over 2,300+ PoPs worldwide

  • Eliminates and prevents network attacks with over 2,000+ security rules based on OWASP top 10

  • Effectively monitors and resolves network incidents with a 24/7 SOC in Vietnam and worldwide

* This is an independent solution by VNETWORK, which can be integrated into the VNCDN system

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Integration of the world's leading CDN systems on a single Multi-CDN platform

  • Guaranteed system availability for all traffic

  • A single platform: Easy, efficient, and fast management

  • AI smart load balancing: Optimizes website experience in all conditions

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Global Live Streaming with the Lowest Latency with the LMS Solution

  • Optimizes video streaming speed in 33 countries within the VNCDN system

  • Simultaneously transcodes multiple streams for each server using cutting-edge GPU and CPU

  • RTMP technology: allows input from any source (mobile app/streaming software/hardware encoder)

  • HLS technology: supports output to multiple outputs such as HLS, DASH, HTTP-FLV, RTMP, and MSS

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Flexible Storage and Scalability with Cloud Storage S3

  • Object Storage and Block Storage: Store large amounts of data with superior performance

  • Security: Use S3 security mechanisms to ensure data security

  • Speed: Access data quickly

Ensure fast data transfer, optimal data security, and enhanced compatibility with various devices with VNCDN