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Increase stability and maximum security for all online transactions

Commitment to providing quick response speed and high-quality content to users, securing information for businesses against all attack risks.


Typical customers

VNCDN is a trusted partner of leading fintech enterprises in Vietnam.

Fintech: Explosive growth

The Fintech market has seen significant growth in recent years and is being widely adopted in a variety of industries, including payments, banking, investment, and insurance. This helps to solve financial problems for users and businesses effectively. Fintech companies need to improve service quality and continuously update market trends to ensure sustainable development.

The challenges faced by Fintech industry

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Ensuring fast data transmission

Slow data transmission can lead to data synchronization errors, causing delays or errors in transactions, and affecting user experience and business reputation.

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Inaccurate image and content quality

Fintech companies need to ensure the quality and accuracy of their images and content to prevent users from misunderstanding the information and making mistakes in transactions.

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Protecting user data

If customer and business data is not protected strictly, attackers can steal important information such as customer data, and financial records, causing financial, legal, and business reputation losses.

Let VNCDN solve the challenges of Fintech industry

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Fast-Loading Websites with Website Acceleration Solutions

  • Transparent CDN Caching: Improves website loading speed by up to 99.99%, providing a smooth user experience

  • Mid Tier Cache: Optimizes bandwidth and website performance, helping businesses save costs

  • HTTP/3: Increases transmission speed, supports fast connections, and maximum security

  • Improves page loading performance and saves bandwidth costs with the ability to convert images to WebP format.

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Integration of the world's leading CDN systems on a single Multi-CDN platform

  • Guaranteed system availability for all traffic

  • A single platform: Easy, efficient, and fast management

  • AI smart load balancing: Optimizes website experience in all conditions

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Instant Multi-Format Video Transcoding with the VOD solution

  • Reduces video stream processing time by eliminating the need to request video segments individually

  • Limits the risk of transcoding errors by encoding videos only once

  • Monitors viewer experience with a comprehensive dataset of data (errors, rebuffering, startup time, video quality)

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Global Live Streaming with the Lowest Latency with the LMS Solution

  • Optimizes video streaming speed in 33 countries within the VNCDN system

  • Simultaneously transcodes multiple streams for each server using cutting-edge GPU and CPU

  • RTMP technology: allows input from any source (mobile app/streaming software/hardware encoder)

  • HLS technology: supports output to multiple outputs such as HLS, DASH, HTTP-FLV, RTMP, and MSS

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Protect Web/App/APIs from all attack risks with VNIS Solutions (*)

  • Supports large loads up to 2,600 Tbps with over 2,300+ PoPs worldwide

  • Eliminates and prevents network attacks with over 2,000+ security rules based on OWASP top 10

  • Effectively monitors and resolves network incidents with a 24/7 SOC in Vietnam and worldwide

* This is an independent solution by VNETWORK, which can be integrated into the VNCDN system

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Flexible Storage and Scalability with Cloud Storage S3

  • Object Storage và Block Storage: Store large amounts of data with superior performance

  • Security: Use S3 security mechanisms to ensure data security

  • Speed: Access data quickly

Ensure fast, secure, and efficient online transactions with VNCDN today