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Accelerating the digitization of public systems

Meet the needs and enhance the experience of citizens on online platforms, to ensure maximum data security, and stable operation in all cyber attack situations


Typical customers

VNCDN is a trusted partner of leading public units in Vietnam.

Public systems: Continuous improvement

In the era of digitalization, public systems have made significant progress, contributing to improving the efficiency of the government apparatus and serving the needs of both citizens and businesses better. However, there are still certain limitations related to infrastructure and the application of technology. Therefore, public systems need to focus on improving and applying modern technologies to enhance service quality in the future.

The challenges faced by Public systems

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High investment and operating costs

To deploy an efficient transmission system, public entities need to invest in multiple high-cost items, including equipment procurement, infrastructure construction, operation, and maintenance. Therefore, public entities need strong capital to invest and operate the system.

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Security level of the system

Data of public agencies includes important, sensitive information (personal information of citizens, business records, confidential information of agencies, organizations, and countries). Security is a top priority of public units to ensure national security and information security.

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Ensuring stable and continuous operation

Public systems receive a large number of daily visits from citizens and businesses. They are also targets of cyber attacks by criminals who aim to undermine the reputation of the state. Therefore, public entities need to ensure that their systems operate stably even when the actual traffic increases or attacks are taking place.

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Low transmission speed, high latency

The transmission speed at many public units is still limited, leading to the interruption of online operations when processing large and complex data. This makes it difficult to transmit data to other units, citizens, and businesses, especially for important data that requires a quick response time.

Let VNCDN solve the challenges of Public systems

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Fast-Loading Websites with Website Acceleration Solutions

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Instant Multi-Format Video Transcoding with the VOD solution

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Integration of the world's leading CDN systems on a single Multi-CDN platform

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Protect Web/App/APIs from all attack risks with VNIS Solutions (*)

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Global Live Streaming with the Lowest Latency with the LMS Solution

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Flexible Storage and Scalability with Cloud Storage S3

Increased transmission speed, cost savings, safe data protection, and stable operation in all situations with VNCDN