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Optimize website loading speed and improve the online experience for users

Maximize transmission capacity, meet all traffic demands, and enhance the website's position in the digital space.

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What are the benefits of the Website Acceleration solution for businesses?

Reduce loading times and provide a fast, smooth user experience.

Save bandwidth costs by decreasing the amount of data transferred between the server and the browser.

Downsizing the size of images/videos and optimizing their quality for the device.

Improve SEO and PageSpeed Insights scores, helping to improve the website's ranking on search engines and increase conversion rates.

Handle the needs of millions of users simultaneously, flexibly responding to any situation (increased real-time traffic/attack).

Why choose the Website Acceleration solution by VNCDN?

Optimize page load speed and performance

  • Use advanced HTTP/3 technology to speed up the transmission process

  • Combine the Mid Tier Cache content caching mechanism to improve performance

  • Ensure low-latency streaming of content globally

  • Optimize cache storage on the server, achieving a performance of up to more than 99% thanks to Transparent Caching technology

  • Improve page load performance and save bandwidth costs with the ability to convert images to WebP format

Optimize page load speed and performance

Improve reliability & security

  • Secure information with data encryption via SSL/TLS protocol

  • Optimize access management to easily control and respond to website attacks

  • Effectively protect websites with IP hiding features, preventing intentional attacks

  • Origin Shield protects the origin server in situations of sudden traffic spikes

  • Automatic routing in the event of an incident, ensuring stable operation and efficient data recovery

Improve reliability & security

Improve management and operation efficiency

  • Full configuration options to meet your needs

  • Operation log storage to help detect and promptly handle abnormal changes

  • Real-time activity monitoring through in-depth reports

  • RESTful API to automate and integrate CDN management with your own system

Improve management and operation efficiency

Reduce bounce rate, increase SEO score, and optimize conversion today with the Website Acceleration solution

Outstanding features of the Website Acceleration solution

Automatic PoP switching

Automatically route to a PoP with better performance when there is an outage at any PoP.

Performance optimization

Speed up HTML, CSS, Video, Images, JSON, XML, and more content.

Access control

Prevent content theft and hotlinking on other websites using tokens, CORS.

Strict monitoring

Easily track user traffic to adjust business direction accordingly.

GEO Blocking

Control and limit content access based on the user's geographic location.

Cache Depth

Store cache data on RAM and NVMe SSD drives.

SNI support

Support for simple and quick upload and configuration of SSL for domains.

Access Logs

Proactively download system logs for analysis and testing.

Advanced analysis

Statistically and analyze the rates of browsers, devices, operating systems, etc., making it easy to track and evaluate user experience.

Differences when using VNCDN

Low latency on a global scale

Low latency on a global scale

Shorten the maximum streaming distance so that users approach business resources faster.

Speed up dynamic content

Speed up dynamic content

Make websites and applications operate smoothly, respond quickly, and cut off created-content distribution time.

Enhance SEO scores and PageSpeed Insights

Enhance SEO scores and PageSpeed Insights

Improve website ranking on search engines, and boost conversion rates.

Protect server outstandingly

Protect server outstandingly

Provide solutions to reduce traffic comprehensively for the servers when being attacked or traffic suddenly rises.

Don't let users wait - choose a Website Acceleration solution to improve website performance today

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* This is an independent solution by VNETWORK, which can be integrated into the VNCDN system