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VNCDN - Leading CDN provider in Asia

Fast and efficient global user access with robust infrastructure and modern technology by VNCDN


Typical customers

VNCDN is a trusted partner of hundreds of customers in Vietnam and abroad across a variety of industries.

More than

10 years

founded and ever-expanding

Serving over

500+ customers

in Vietnam and around the world

Accelerating for

1000+ websites/

in all fields

VNCDN: Leading Content Delivery Network solution in Vietnam and internationally

Meeting all Content Delivery Network needs of businesses worldwide

With a well-built infrastructure system and cutting-edge technology, VNCDN is committed to staying ahead by researching and adopting the latest technology trends to align with evolving business needs.

giải pháp truyền tải hàng đầu trên toàn cầu

280 +

PoPs in 33 countries

giải pháp truyền tải hàng đầu trên toàn cầu

57+ Tbps

International CDN uplink bandwidth

Quickly increase traffic, easily manage, and cost-effectively optimize with VNCDN

  • Guarantees 100% uptime with SLA

  • Updates detailed reports in real-time

  • Assigns access rights based on roles

  • Integrates seamlessly with other IT Infrastructure, Content Delivery Network, and Cyber Security solutions by VNETWORK

Quickly increase traffic, easily manage, and cost-effectively optimize with VNCDN

NVMe+, SSD server

Global low-latency streaming with cutting-edge server configurations, using AMD/Intel CPUs, and storage on SSD/NVME disks.

Smart technology with innovative features

Hundreds of PoPs located in Tier III global Internet Data Centers

24/7 monitoring and support

Experience the outstanding features of VNCDN now

Khám phá tính năng vượt trội vncdn

API integration

Support all necessary features via API and meet all business expansion needs

  • Simple connection and easy integration of new projects and systems

  • Automation and strict control of the integration process, interaction between systems and applications

  • Ensure data security with controlled access and authentication

Khám phá tính năng vượt trội vncdn

HTTP/3 protocol

Improves performance, security, and user experience, allows for unlimited customization and scalability of the system

  • Transmission of multiple data streams at the same time on a single connection using multiplexing techniques

  • Integration of strong security layers to ensure that data is transmitted securely

  • Direct interaction between server and browser, reducing latency in the data transmission process

  • Provides backward compatibility with previous versions of the HTTP protocol

Khám phá tính năng vượt trội vncdn

Origin shield

Distributes stale content; reduces miss requests; and offloads traffic from origin servers

  • Serves stale content to users when no updates are received from the origin server, reducing the number of missed requests at the proxy/CDN server and latency

  • Limits new connection requests to the origin server, maintaining performance and reducing the risk of overload

Differences when using VNCDN of VNETWORK

Diference vncdnncdnDiference vncdnncdn
Low latency on a global scale

Low latency on a global scale

Shorten the maximum streaming distance so that users approach business resources faster.

Speed up dynamic content

Speed up dynamic content

Make websites and applications operate smoothly, respond quickly, and cut off content distribution time.

Enhance SEO scores and PageSpeed Insights

Enhance SEO scores and PageSpeed Insights

Improve website ranking on search engines, and boost conversion rates.

Protect the server outstandingly

Protect the server outstandingly

Provide solutions to reduce traffic comprehensively for the servers when being attacked or traffic suddenly rises.


Website Acceleration Solution

Website Acceleration

Optimizing bandwidth capacity, accommodating all traffic, and enhancing website position in the digital space.

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Integrating and managing all global CDN systems easily on a single platform.

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Reduce operating costs and increase competitive advantages for your business with VNCDN now


Improve website performance and online reader experience, expand markets, and effectively reach international readers.


Ensure a fast and smooth online shopping experience for users and improve the reliability and stability of websites/applications.

OTT Service

Optimize the transmission speed and scalability of OTT services, meeting the needs of users anytime, anywhere with a superior experience.


Accelerate page loading, enhance user experience, and ensure system stability and security in transactions.



Improve the loading speed and scalability of e-learning content distribution, providing a smooth and reliable online teaching and learning experience.


Increase people's accessibility and experience on online platforms, ensure maximum data security, and ensure stable operation in the face of any cyber attack.


Reduce content loading times and enhance high-graphics gaming experiences, ensuring stable connections even during sudden spikes in traffic.

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