TikTok, with revenue of 78 million USD/month, surpassed YouTube in April 2020. This breakthrough is not only due to creative content but also CDN technology. This article introduces the important role of CDN and how to apply CDN to Web/App to increase user experience and increase revenue.

TikTok Breakthrough in April 2020

April 2020 will forever be remembered in technology history as when TikTok, an entertainment video app, truly achieved an unbelievable breakthrough. This month, TikTok officially surpassed YouTube, becoming the highest-grossing video application globally. This success has reflected a deep understanding of the market and creativity in the use of technology.

With an estimated monthly revenue of up to $78 million, TikTok has shown intelligence in how it has seized the opportunity to capitalize on people's need for online entertainment. The acumen in creating content and interacting with the user community has brought about rapid spread and outstanding development.

TikTok has used CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology to optimize video transmission globally. This has helped them provide a smooth and fast user experience, enhancing the robustness and reliability of their service.

The Chinese market, where TikTok accounts for more than 86.6% revenue share, is especially important for the app's growth. Although the rest of the revenue comes from other countries around the world, CDN technology has ensured that every video is connected and transmitted to users globally at extremely fast speeds.

TikTok's success has pushed parent group ByteDance to a valuation of up to $100 billion. Market experts believe that TikTok has the ability to continue to increase revenue if it does not encounter barriers from the US government.

How does CDN technology help Tiktok achieve the highest revenue in the world?

To understand how CDN technology helps TikTok achieve the highest revenue in the world, we need to learn specifically about the impact of CDN on this entertainment application:

1. CDN helps deliver videos faster

An important factor in TikTok's success is the speed of video transmission. Users expect videos to load and play instantly, without image distortion or lag. CDN technology helps improve transmission speeds by bringing video content closer to users by using servers closest to them. As a result, TikTok can provide a smooth and fast user experience.

2. CDN increases global connectivity

TikTok is an app with international growth and has users around the world. To ensure that every video can connect and transmit to every user globally quickly, TikTok needs a CDN system. This technology places servers and content in many different geographical areas around the world, helping to ensure the shortest transmission path from the server to the end user.

3. CDN significantly optimizes user experience

TikTok's growth and high revenue are mainly due to improving user experience. CDN plays an important role in delivering high-quality and fast videos, which increases appeal and continues to attract users.

4. CDN allows flexibility to connect multiple providers

TikTok uses CDN technology from a variety of providers, including CDNs from VNCDN, Akamai, Google, and Cloudfront. This ensures the diversity and reliability of their CDN system, helping to optimize video transmission and create the best user experience.

CDN technology is an important factor that helps TikTok achieve the highest revenue in the world. Thanks to its fast speeds, global connectivity, and diverse selection of CDN providers, TikTok has effectively leveraged this technology to provide an excellent video experience and attract users across the world.

Understanding CDN (Content Delivery Network)

1. What is a CDN?

CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a global system of servers. These CDNs will store copies of static content (e.g. images, videos) from a website and place them at points called PoPs (Points of Presence) around the world. When you visit a website, CDN helps you download content from the nearest server, optimizing access speed.

2. The role of CDN in online content delivery

In the digital revolution, online content transmission has become an important and inseparable part of our daily lives. To meet this ever-increasing demand efficiently and reliably, CDNs have become a decisive pillar shaping online content delivery infrastructure around the world. Specifically, the roles of CDN can be listed as follows:

CDN helps increase speed and user experience CDN works by delivering content to CDN servers located near users. This helps minimize latency and optimize transmission speed. The result is a smoother, more reliable, and even better user experience than transmission from the origin server. With a CDN, content can be delivered to users quickly and efficiently, without causing congestion.

CDN supports safe and stable website protection Not only does CDN increase speed, it also plays an important role in protecting online systems from cyber attacks. CDN network with large content transmission capacity, can prevent overload due to DDoS attacks and other forms of traffic congestion attacks. This ensures that online services are stable, safe, and reliable for users.

CDN helps optimize IT infrastructure costs and resources In addition to improving speed and security, CDN also helps optimize IT infrastructure investment costs. By distributing content to multiple CDN servers and using network bandwidth intelligently, CDN helps reduce infrastructure load, save costs and optimize business operations. This is especially important for online businesses with large traffic volumes.

CDN brings content closer to users While CDN improves speed and ensures service stability, CDN technology also helps bring online content closer to users. This promotes the growth of online platforms and creates trustworthiness for users who rely on their daily online content.

CDN is not just a tool, but also an important part of the online content delivery revolution. CDN technology plays a crucial role in improving speed, security, and cost efficiency, while ensuring that online content is always available and reliable for every user around the world.

3. How CDN works to speed up video transmission

How does a CDN work to improve video transmission speeds? To explain this, imagine that your videos are hosted on a single server. When many people access that video, the server will be overloaded and the transmission speed will slow down.

But CDN doesn't let this happen. CDN server systems are located in many different locations around the world. When a viewer accesses a video, the CDN automatically chooses the server closest to them to deliver the content. This helps reduce the load on the origin server and optimize transmission speed.

CDN technology has never stopped. CDN not only improves video transmission speed but also provides stability and ensures data security. Thanks to CDN technology, we can enjoy videos without worrying about "lost image" or video lag. CDNs are truly the secret behind our smooth and reliable online video experience.

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