Vietnam's video applications cannot compare with international ones, why?CDN technology supports the transmission of website content, transcoding services help optimize video content to suit a variety of user devices and the financial capacity of the business, these 3 factors are the main reasons why affecting the quality of Vietnam's video services.

Recently, due to the great impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, people had to stay at home to work online. Therefore, there have been many video applications supporting remote working and even online learning. To ensure transmission speed, video smoothness, and save bandwidth costs, don't just rely on internet quality. Application providers need to improve service quality, increase user experience and increase revenue better.

Why are Facebook and Google's video-related applications warmly welcomed by users everywhere? In terms of transmission speed or compatibility on all devices, both of these giants are guaranteed good. Talking about services to increase transmission speed and secure website content, it is impossible not to mention CDN (Content Delivery Network). This is the most advanced and popular website acceleration technology currently trusted by large businesses. You can also sign up for a trial or purchase CDN packages at various fees. Depending on the size of the business, we need to choose the right CDN service to ensure bandwidth savings, cost savings while still ensuring the fastest content transmission to users.

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While Google and Facebook are doing a very good job of providing live video to users, Vietnam still faces many obstacles. Specifically, in cases of live video transmission of Vietnamese football, network lag and constant bandwidth congestion have discouraged viewers. In the Vietnamese market, there are many transcoding service providers that help save bandwidth but still ensure the best media quality for viewers.

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According to internet experts, to ensure smooth online video transmission and best meet viewer needs, you must ensure two factors: CDN and transcoding.

What is a CDN?

CDN service is a support solution for websites to transmit videos to users smoothly and without interruption.

What is transcoding?

• Transcoding is a service for encoding and converting media files

• Transcoding supports more than 99% of input formats

• The transcoding system completely automatically processes your transcoding request

• Transcoding also helps encode media files to many formats at any resolution Different resolutions such as: 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p

• Transcoding is a solution for media and OTT businesses

• Transcoding helps increase user experience

Transcoding supports two types of media conversion as follows:

1. Live Transcoding

• Developer-friendly REST API

• Use RTMP live streaming standard for input

• CDN-based message authentication

• Transcode in real time

• Support integrating other services into Live Transcoding

2. VoD Transcoding

• Supports many output formats

• Provide subtitles for deaf audiences

• Supports multiple languages

• Supports automatic transcoding and uploading to the customer's storage system

• Change format without changing video encoding

To transmit video to user devices, it is necessary to have a video decoding mechanism (encode / transcode), create output products suitable for terminal devices and network transmission quality, and automatically adjust the quality. video quality as soon as there are signs of network congestion, ensuring the video is continuously transmitted to viewers. To best apply transcoding technology to decode videos according to each user device, the problem is still the cost of implementation. How to ensure reasonable costs and smooth video transmission performance? This is a difficult task for current media service providers in Vietnam.

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Two international media service providers such as YouTube and Netflix are also present in Vietnam, with one movie they can transcode into 130 different recordings with quality from lowest to highest, when having to transmit media. to any device or internet quality from 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi... they can transmit media content as quickly as possible to all users. It can be said that Vietnam's network technology is not lacking. If it is lacking, it is just a financial issue. Therefore, to improve the quality of video-related applications of Vietnamese companies, video application developers must continuously apply the latest technologies in media transcoding and optimization techniques. video compression techniques and more investment in hardware equipment to create many records suitable for end user devices and network lines that often have broken cables like in Vietnam.

Investing in CDN and transcoding for media applications is a serious investment by businesses in a big and long-term game.