CDN Live Streaming - In the age of strong digitalization, the demand for online video content is increasing. Therefore, OTT (Over-The-Top) television has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. This article will delve into CDNs and common problems when Live Streaming.

What is a CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a distributed system of servers located in many locations around the world. The goal of CDN is to improve transmission speed and ensure the stability of online content. When an online video is played, CDN helps optimize transmission by routing data to the server closest to the viewer, thereby reducing latency and increasing content loading speed.

Common problems when Live Streaming

When performing Live Streaming without using the support of CDN technology, OTT businesses will often face many problems related to latency, stability, and quality of Live Streaming video. Here are some common problems when Live Streaming lacks a CDN:

High latency

One of the main problems when Live Streaming does not use a CDN is high latency. Latency is the time between when an event takes place and when it appears on the viewer's screen. Without a CDN, Live Streaming must traverse from the origin server to the viewer, which can increase latency and make the live video viewing experience worse.

Bandwidth congestion

When a large number of video viewers access a Live Streaming without CDN support, network bandwidth can be overloaded. This leads to congestion and reduces the quality of Live Streaming video for OTT television and entertainment businesses.

Connection loss and "Buffering" phenomenon

Without CDN, Live Streaming can easily lose connection and buffering (video pause) often occurs. This causes disruption in live viewing and takes away the continuity of the event.

Poor video quality

Video quality when Live Streaming without CDN is often significantly reduced, especially for users with limited network bandwidth. They may face blurry and unstable video.

Low audience reach

One of the big benefits of a CDN is its easy scalability. When Live Streaming does not use a CDN, expanding to serve more viewers can become complicated or costly to invest in server infrastructure.

Security issue

Protecting Live Streaming videos from cyber attacks or preventing copyright content from being copied is also an issue that OTT businesses are always concerned about.

How does CDN solve Live Streaming challenges?

CDN helps improve the video content transmission process during Live Streaming. Here's how CDN technology helps solve common Live Streaming problems:

Reduce latency

CDN helps reduce latency during Live Streaming transmission. Instead of having to transmit data from the origin server directly to the viewer, CDN uses servers everywhere to distribute content. This reduces latency and ensures that the Live Streaming event appears almost instantly on the viewer's screen.

CDN optimizes network bandwidth

Network bandwidth is a precious resource, and CDN helps optimize bandwidth effectively. Instead of bringing all data directly from the origin server to the viewer, CDN uses cache to store and deliver content from CDN servers closest to the viewer. This reduces the load on the origin server and prevents network bandwidth congestion.

CDN helps increase stability and avoid overload

Using CDN creates stability for Live Streaming. CDN servers distributed around the world help reduce the load on the origin server and ensure that content transmission is not overloaded. This helps prevent connection drops and buffering, making for a smoother live viewing experience.

CDN improves Live Streaming video quality

CDNs are capable of providing higher video quality to viewers. By selecting the closest CDN server, CDN helps ensure that viewers will receive good quality video based on their bandwidth and capabilities.

CDN helps expand access to global users

CDNs allow for easy scaling to cope with a large audience. By adding a CDN server to the system, you can expand service capabilities without having to change the original server infrastructure.

CDN supports Live Streaming video content security

CDNs often come with strong security features. CDN technology helps protect Live Streaming from high traffic attacks and limits improper copying of video content, ensuring that content is transmitted safely and securely.

In short, CDN plays a vital role in enhancing the Live Streaming experience by reducing latency, optimizing bandwidth, increasing stability, improving video quality, easing expansion, and providing strong security. This helps customers of OTT businesses have a better online experience and minimizes common problems with Live Streaming.

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